Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

REALTY CHECK: Cooking is an acquired skill, not part of the DNA that a woman must naturally be born with.


Then why on earth do we associate certain activities with just women and expect them to be perfect at it and God forbid they are not, we label them as Failures? Almost all the skills can be learned and practiced by men & women both, then why do we have to label house cleaning or cooking with women and carpentry or painting or any other outdoor work with men? It is completely alright if a woman chooses to switch roles and not tend to kitchen time.

Sadly in our part of the society or in most joint family situations where archetypal systems are followed, women face the horrors of being judged for their kitchen and home keeping skills. Older women preach the younger ones that the only way to reach their man’s heart is through delicious and fancy cooking everyday, thus inducing the idea that nothing else matters, not even “Me-Time” but the kitchen, and the underlying condition is to do it all by yourself and no processed or ready made item should be used, else you’d be judged for taking help and not being a pro!  So spend hours and hours shedding yourselves and God Forbid if your food doesn’t come out proper, you’re doomed! … What crap!

Food is indeed a major part of our daily entertainment and binds people together, uplifts the mood, brings smiles and creates chatter, but for that no woman must have to go through forced demands or a constant pressure of being perfect and judged by the people around the table. It’s a choice entirely dependent on her.

I personally love cooking for myself and family, love to experiment with food and delight their taste-buds with new flavors every now and then, but this is my choice, to cook or not to cook experimental restaurant-like cuisines but if and when I’m not in the mood and have other pending work, I would either cook something very generic and non fancy like Lentils or vegetables, order food, or If I really am in the mood for something fancy but home cooked and have less time then I use ready made “Sahulat” packs that also fulfills the notion of cooking and doesn’t take up a lot of time either. It’s nothing new and has been around for a long time but the concern here is that there are number of women are forced to cook from scratch and not adopt any convenience, because “the mother-in-law says so” or “The husband likes it that way” or “What would the world say about this woman who can’t cook” or just that “She is a failure” — Come on! it’s 2017 and our Desi  aunties are still stuck in this typical web of thoughts.

These women need a break!

Today the women aren’t just confined to house work but they are multi-tasking chores in and out of the house and amidst all of that the least one can do is not bother them with kitchen work and make absurd high ended kitchen demands and rather allow them to adopt ready-to-cook methods, so they get to have “Me-Time”, to relax and look after themselves, which is an extremely thing to do! So why not allow them to choose convenience and let them spare some quality time for their family instead, which is far more essential for a family’s bond and happiness than just cooking great food. I call that smart (again, no offense to those who love to cook without convenience, it’s a choice remember?)

So all you pressing and judgmental Desi people out there, judging a woman’s perfection on her cooking skills, remove your blinkers and allow your brain to breathe a little, step outside the usual set norms and enjoy convenience with happiness, because one who saves time to spend with family or their own selves is certainly #NotAFailure





The above article is in support of the recent TVC by National Foods Ltd. catering to the the theme of #NotAFailure allowing women to adopt convenience and spend quality time with family or oneself. 

Watch TVC here:

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