How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

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Getting a Polio vaccine certificate has become an integral part of documentation for travelling abroad for some countries that still carry the threat of polio virus and Pakistan has been following this Temporary Recommendation diligently since the breakout in 2014.

Unfortunately, not a lot of online information can be found as where once can receive this small certificate from. It usually lists the name of the all the government hospitals, but when you call them up for information, they say they don’t give the certificate for passport purposes but only to kids who get vaccinated. Every hospital will send you to another one and some will send you to the airport, which does this process but it’s a hassle to go there anyway.

The final and best solution is to go to Civil Hospital anytime during 9 am – 1 pm on weekdays with a copy of your passport and get the certificate in less than 5 minutes and of course two drops of polio vaccine. The entire process is quick and staff is friendly so no worries about anything. Don’t forget to make copies of the certificate, it carries a certain validity period after which you’ll require a new one.

Also don’t forget, this is free of cost! Other places like South City and even Agha Khan are charging 1000/- and 200/- ย respectively for this certificate, but people end up paying to avoid the inconvenience of going all the way to Saddar, which is fine if it suits your comfort of course.

I had to rush around to find information regarding this as not much help was provided online, I hope this small article would help anyone looking to get their certificates made.


Happy visa processing ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

  1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Been extremely helpful indeed. Would try my luck today else would visit tomorrow during the hours mentioned by you

  2. i got the polio vaccination certificate on 25th Oct 2014, do we need the fresh certificate to travel in Nov 2019?

    1. Hey.. so I didn’t quite get a chance to travel foreign again after that but I believe you should get a renewed certificate …coz 5 years is a long gap

    2. Hello, you’d surely have to get one since the polio certificate is only valid and acceptable for a period of one year.

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