Touring Around Karachi City

We love touring around foreign cities and countries most of the time but how often do we tour the city we live in, where we were born and brought up,  I mean how much of your entire city have you really explored? Can you say you know all about it? I used to say I knew a lot but I realized there are still places that I haven’t heard of or seen inside out that sit right under my nose in my own city of Karachi.

It was a great day, international comedians Rex, Stephen and Jonathan had arrived for their 3-nightly stand up comedy series with Comedy Masala and what better way to welcome them than showing them around the city which would be home to them for a couple of days.

Prepare to ROFL – Comedy Masala 3 Comes Back!

FM 91, radio partners for Comedy Masala decided to give these guys a tour through the professional services of Super Savari Express, the first guided tour concept here in Karachi, which is obviously not a new thing abroad but here it’s the first of its kind.

The actual tour is more detailed and has a set route with short stops at food hubs of the city but we kept it short for the guests since they had just arrived and were pretty jet lagged.

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I hadn’t planned to make a V-log out of this but eventually I decided to, although it’s a bit too long since I didn’t fast forward a lot of things to keep the flow natural and for the audience to enjoy every bit, also this was almost my first attempt in a proper Vlog so yeah ✌

Watch the full video and enjoy the spots.
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Part 1:

Part 2:

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