[Short Stories] – When We Met the Borders


So excited we were to get off at this magnificent place of junction between Pakistan and China after a long long snaky ride on the Karakorum Highway that some of us didn’t hear what our guide had said “Please don’t start running abruptly or make Hasty movements, this is high altitude, you could get sick!” He had just finished saying his words when one, two, three and then four of our ‘soldiers’ fell on the ground semi conscious and dizzy. They’d gone far too excited and faced a sudden low blood pressure causing them to faint.
ORS was given to them and their backs and palms were rubbed since it was -6 outside and that too at an elevation of 15000 ft. The meaning of that temperature changes at such altitudes severely.

Enroute this location, some of us had travelled sitting atop the van but as we neared the 15000 ft mark, we went back coz it was getting unbearably cold and there we sat like chickens huddles in a cart together, deriving warmth from each other and whimpering at the slightest cold breeze that would touch us.

I was the last one to get off the van when it stopped here and lost in the view I was totally oblivious of the dramatic case of my friends fainting, I jumped up and down and ran to touch the gates of the pass (basically the border) did a HOORAYYY and sat down in the middle of the road just to grasp whatever I could of this view.  A friend of mine thought I’d gone crazy, checked my BP and I was completely fine, even my heart rate was excellent! I felt like a warrior 😂

Many moments later did I realize that it was rather too quiet for such a large gang, so I turned and saw just some of us near the gates while the rest crowded near the van.  And that’s when I got to know what had happened, luckily all were okay, actually the fainted ones sprung up on their feet too soon to be honest and nobody took the incident seriously anymore.

I believe it was this view that made our hearts and minds stop coz once we were done screaming out with happiness,  we all just flattened out on the road and breathed slow!




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