[Short Stories] – The Blues of Delhi Gate

It was around this time last year that I was in Lahore which was burning hot in June those days and it was Ramadan.. I ate my Sehri (pre Dawn breakfast) kept my fast and decided to take a post Dawn stroll on the streets of Lahore since sleeping was not on the list. We went to Delhi Gate, one of the six remaining gates of entry into the walled city of Lahore. This place has a distinct Mughal touch to it, with Shahi Hammam (Royal Bath) and Wazir Khan Mosque in the same vicinity.

There they are, lanes chaotically spread with wires and locked carts still waiting to be set free by their owners as mornings get busy and people start rolling out for early morning purchases,  Beggars and dervishes quietly sitting in a corner looking at passers by hoping someone would drop a coin or two in their lap, People heading out the mosque after morning prayers, their faces glowing and steps picking up pace to go hit the bed at home and catch some sleep ….. And then of course there was Me posing under a beautiful blue painted door that multiplied the serenity of that place and allowed me to capture a moment that would give me a story to remember for all my life ❤


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