Make-Up City Tour

I feel absolutely no shame in admitting that I’m more or less a Makeup-Illiterate, by all means.. I mean what would become of someone who doesn’t know how to use a highlighter (or exactly which areas to apply it on)  or what on earth is a primer or what’s Balliage supposed to mean ..  I’m sure these things and terminologies are pieces of cake for beauty brand enthusiasts and beauty bloggers but someone like me whose makeup range starts with a BB cream (didn’t know there was something like a CC cream for aged 25+) or a light foundation, a face powder, an eyeliner or eye marker, blush-on stick, a lip color, an eye brow marker/pencil and ends with a final touch of a Mascara … Well I may be exaggerating a little about not knowing about the rest of the items, I know what those makeup terms mean now thanks to this lady at a store launch of Make-Up Outlet – Make Up City, that has had a considerable presence in the market for years housing a variety of brands under it such as the premium brands  Gosh and Kryolan, then middle and lower tier brands like Sweet Touch & Femina ..they also have skin and hair care brands, Janssen & Framesi respectively and a few more.

They launched a new outlet at the Lucky One mall recently opened in a bustling part of the Karachi city and their BA’s were super helpful in teaching me about the products in detail and patiently answered my queries and amazement of new products that I came across there.

GOSH became my favourite brand there, loved it’s cream eye shadows, eye markers, cream blush sticks even the nail enamels. This range being a top tier brand has a premium pricing but is definitely loveable.

Check out this glittery nail color, which appears lighter in the click, was priced at Rs. 800/-

The Kryolan magic makeup stick is a secret recipe for most salons, it’s long lasting stay and smooth finish is a perfect choice for most ladies.

Sweet Touch nail colors are darling, I admit coz they have the perfect flat applicator that spreads the color in a single coat + they are quite reasonably priced at 220/-


Since it was the launch day,  the store welcomed a hoard of customers walking in. The outlet offered a quick make over session in a corner, I asked for a simple evening look and I was given a light touch of Matt gold on the eyes with a slight white pearl -peachish blush and their signature Tea Rose lipstick by Sweet Touch, which has some amazing range of long stay colors priced between Rs. 400-450


Getting to know a much needed insight on the makeup products and their effective usage was truly required for me,  coz I’m not really into watching long tutorials but rather have someone explain it to me so thanks to the staff for that.

This is what my collection from Makeup City contains from that day, will certainly go again for more..!!


You can check out their Facebook page for details and amazing discounts and deals offered for Ramadan and more.

The event pictures and updates can be obtained from following the hashtag #UnveilYourBeauty and #MakeUpcity

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