Ready to Make Your Mornings Great Again?

[Well, before you think its a generic piece of article, let me tell you it’s NOT, it’s specifically for Radio Listeners in you can turn around or keep reading :p …. don’t say I didn’t warn ya!]

Cool, now that you’re reading this further, Let us get to the topic. So you avid radio listeners out there, you must be aware of the heartfelt farewell speech made by Khalid Malik, the one whose voice would drive the mornings of so many people not just across the country but internationally as well, hosting the daily “Breakfast Show” which gained immense popularity due to its Special Birthday song series, trivia, amazing giveaways, exclusive Celebrity presence and his never tiring chirpy attitude that made the show reach great heights.

Listen to Khalid Malik’s Farewell Speech 

So the farewell part was touchy and he himself got pretty emotional about it, well of course that was expected,  it’s not easy stepping out of a routine that you’ve built for almost 10 years, specially when that routine is just like second skin to you, something like family.. Tears were shed, hiccups occurred, lots of “Nooooooo’s’ were shouted, heart wrenching calls were made by fans who had grown up listening to him, sharing stories with him, setting their moods from sulky to awesome, he truly had become family to many in a span of a decade.

The farewell shock was thankfully short-lived for the listeners atleast, when Khalid decided to make a comeback in just two months time (yeah, I guess he couldn’t stay away from his people too) But this time he was to grace FM 91 with all the glory. Excited were the fans so much that most switched loyalties from one radio channel to another pretty quick, thanks to Khalid, which I’m sure didn’t go too well with 89’s management but yeah what can one really do right.

The big news was revealed on social media on the 24th, fans started tweeting him at his usual handle @bfswithkhalid which (obviously) later changed to @KM_MorningJam the name of his new show on 91, that runs Mon – Fri from 7-11 am.

Later after his show had commenced on May 1st, he even threw a brunch party and invited close friends from the media, bloggers and of course his newfound work family at 91. He cooked breakfast for his guests and did the quirky things he is famous for, making every minute spent worthwhile.

Here’s a picto-reel from the event

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