W(Br)ing It On!

Since the day we first met, you’d been on my mind.. Can’t forget the stir you created in the room, the steam your existence was exuding, those droplets rolling down your pretty face.. So hot it had become. Everybody let out a hiss from the sting you gave them, first with your looks and then with your taste.. You weren’t everybody’s cup of tea I know, born for those who live to play with fire and aren’t burnt by its touch. But only I could endure your fire for I had been ignited a number of times and had learnt to endure the prickle. More so, having you was more supreme than anything else..  Although I cried when it ended, sobbed endlessly, wasted a bunch of tissue papers, but I know I can say, the pleasure of having you was all the more worth it




Oh my plate of Hot Buffalo Classic Wings …  Why did you end so soon 😩😥😢

Wait! What did you think I was talking of??? Jeez, you guys are so mainstream. 😛

I have been profoundly in love with these delicious grilled/ fried(classic) wings served by Wingitt, in fact I often crave for them randomly sitting in my room and instantly decide to order them online or something. Their speciality being 1) the large variety of sauces they have for the wings 2) them being pioneers of bringing this idea to our market.


My most favourite of the sauces, as already mentioned is Hot Buffalo followed by Sweet Thai Chilli, Honey Mustard, Masala, BBQ,  Creamy garlic and Nacho cheese.. Mmmmmmm

This place really took up for its unique idea of selling just wings and surprisingly it turned out that a large chunk of our people actually love it. And it makes sense coz its lighter on the stomach, something you can have on the go and enjoy as a snack too 🙂

On popular demand from its customers, they even launched other items than just wings, like Paninis, Rowtesserie Chicken, Gliders (mini boneless wig filled burgers), strips, fries, salads, desserts and Shakes.

** I took these pictures from their website, prices are subject to change

If you want to order this goodness, visit their outlet or other online via Foodpanda and clearly you’ll be swooned.

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