Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class


Jewels have always been a woman’s thing and it always piques her interest even if they are a little expensive; admiring their designs and imagining oneself adorned by such exquisiteness. is indeed a pleasure for her.

I felt the same when I went to a jewelry brand showcase called “Kohar” -meanjng “Jewel” In Armenian, launched by two young designers recently, who have come up with some fine elegant pieces beautifully handcrafted with proficiency maintaining the classy vintage style using diamonds, gold and precious stones. This special minakaari is done locally by craftsmen who migrated from Lucknow and have passed this artistry down their generations.


It’s so amazing to see these young designers, Ahmed Shoaib and Danish Naveed who are in their early 20’s, become entrepreneurs to create a support system for the local craftsmen and bring about traditional culture of wearing handcrafted jewelry.


Their immense interest in history, art and heritage let them to pursue this idea and to promote the work of these kaarigars.

Although I do find the prices quite out of capacity for a large number of people but then again, it’s suffice to say that these young men aren’t funded by anyone and the amount of effort and love they are putting into their baby business to give out such brilliant product is meant for a niche segment of the society , which gives it the exclusive feel nonetheless.

All the very best to Ahmed and Danish for their beautiful venture.

You can reach them on their Facebook and Instagram

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