Tips to Maintain Weight In an Inexpensive Way

I’m calling it maintaining and not losing because this article is about adopting healthy lifestyle more so and mainly for those who live a relatively sedentary life and are not active gym goers.

Springing out of the bed in week 1 to go to your newly registered Zumba or CrossFit training session is easy and exciting, after all you’ve paid a handful amount to get into the program and bought new shoes and mustered up so much courage and effort to finally do it! it all counts you know but no lies, you soon wish that you had some easier home methods to lose a few of those inches around your waste and thighs and I am sure you have tried a lot by now. Definitely not asking you to push away the thought of going to the boot camps or training sessions but you realize, the one thing that makes it special versus exercising at home is the group energy and motivation that everyone brings in together, like if the rest of the people are doing it, so can you..  This feeling is what enables you to try a little harder and push through your limits to achieve a little extra which is definitely great and this can sometimes not be achieved at home when you’re exercising alone.  Agreed

But let’s face it, these boot camps will end in some weeks, and you may join again or you may not depending on the busy-ness of your schedule, and going to the gym religiously is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, unless you’re a fitness freak, which is a small percentage of people and yet everyone wants to control or lose weight or simply stay in shape with a good stamina.

So for those people, here are some very easy tips that doesn’t just circulate around eating certain types of food but adopting a healthier lifestyle in general. Enjoy these itsy bitsy tips

* Sit up straight! There..  Your back was humped right? Sitting up straight and applying a little pressure on the abdomen while you inhale, helps to tighten the muscle around the area. Keep your tummy tucked in and back straight

* Always drink lukewarm or room – temperature water; helps boosting metabolism. Obviously drink loads throughout the day (8+ glasses).

* make yourself some detox water by adding cucumbers, lemon and mint leaves and/or any citrus fruit slices and sip song the whole day. Keeps tummy filled, metabolism active and skin fresh.

* Consume a glass of water or more before your meals and avoid having it during or right after the meals. Drinking water before fills up the stomach considerably and you feel less hungry and don’t end up hogging too much. Afterwards, it just makes the food heavy and your stomach bloated

* Early Morning Tip: Keep Kalonji or Nutmeg seeds/Black Cumin in your house, and pop 6-7 pieces, gulp with warm water if you don’t like its bitter taste, but do chew it a little before doing that. In case you have acidity issues, take it with honey.
This method helps you control your appetite throughout the day. These seeds are fibrous and upon chewing release a certain juice that kind of kills your hunger. Also they help to break down fat accumulation in the body but do not take in excess because its of high potency.

Similar results can also be achieved with Apple Cider Vinegar – which must be taken with water and a bit of honey to avoid acidity and always sip it with a straw to avoid contact with teeth due to its acidic nature. It’s advised not to take ACV on an empty stomach.

* Eat 5-6 meals in a day, each meal the size of your palm (hope you don’t have Ogre sized hands). Yes portion size counts a lot. Leave some room for more food but don’t fill it.

* Timings matter a lot too.  Don’t eat a meal and quickly go to bed or eat late. Set your small meals with a 2-3 hour gap or take 3 large meals in a day. The dinner being the smallest and as much as 4-5 hours before you go to bed

* Eat slow. Chew your food properly and feel the taste of every bite. Gobbling down leaves large chunk  s of food unchewed in your stomach that are harder to break down during dissolution and possibly could get unnecessarily stored in your body and not wash out

* I am not a huge fan of extreme dieting, so you eat whatever you want but avoid taking carbs at dinner time. Take more protein, or boiled chickpeas/ red beans or salads instead. Dinner time is the trickiest.

* Understand this rule of food portions

images (1)

* Switch to baked stuff instead of fried. If not possible then maybe reduce the intake of fried items once or twice a week and gradually see the difference. You’ll want to leave it entirely once you start seeing the difference.

* Do not eat fruits immediately after a meal, since they are high on sugar content and can take time to be absorbed by the body. When mixed with a large meal, they can get held in the stomach for long and can rot and ferment in the gut, giving you a heartburn.

I used to eat fruits right after lunch as well, but experienced belly bloating and heaviness later.

* Getting hunger calls at odd hours? it’s probably just a sign of boredom, try killing it with a glass of water or have fruits if you’re stomach has been empty for some time. NO JUNK

* Soda, everyone tells you to drop it from your life and they’re kinda right. Why would you want to fill yourself with so much sugar that’s processed and not even healthy.

I seldom take soda only and only if I am dying to have it with certain types of meals, otherwise say aye to Mocktails, smoothies or fresh juices all the time. Grape fruit juice is best because it doesn’t have sugar content in and is amazing for weight loss and great skin

*  Move around a lot – if you’re work requires you to stay seated for long hours, then take breaks (not for smoking) , stretch as much as possible, work while walking or get yourself a standing adjustable desk.

If it’s safe enough, try walking to nearby places instead of using a drive all the time.

*  Please please choose stairs over elevators unless you have a joint issue, even then you could try ascending the first floor manually maybe and then call the elevator – Push your limits

* Make reasons to get up from your place. Go fetch your water and food or anything for that matter. Fetch it for others too.

* If you’re blessed with a rooftop, please utilize it for taking peaceful walks beforunder the moonlight, enjoy the breeze, put on some music and take brisk walks.


So even if these tips don’t end up making you lose weight considerably, they’ll certainly help you control it. Of course you can couple these up with a healthy fitness routine or outdoor sport/ activity for more significant results, but don’t forget that it’s not just about eating well and working outside the house but living well inside too,  so adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight if not really lose it 🙂

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