Like Mother Like Daughter – #ProudToBeMyMum

She is the first person to surround you, the first you touch, you feel, hear, you even ate your first meal with her, went around places accompanying her, trying to get her attention, you’d bug her to talk to you when she’d be resting and despite her deep sleep,  she’d wake up and happily do so … Someone who’s been so closely bonded to you, so intimately connected with you is bound to leave an impression on your personality, your soul,  your character and even in your everyday life – she is your Mother, your first best friend 🙂

Quoting Miguel de Cervantes, [translated] – “Tell me your company and I will tell you who you are” 

It’s obvious we take up habits from the people closely influencing us in our daily life, be it friends or family and this could happen very subtly, without you knowing, you keep thinking you have a personality of your own but actually all this time, you’ve been shaping yourself in their light. And who is closest to you than your Mother, who has been with you from the time you were just an insignificant bunch of cells. So why and how would you not pick up not just habits, but even parts of your personality and reflect character that has a strong connection to your mother. Of course you will. You either take after their looks very strongly or their persona, but you gotta have a little something of theirs a little somewhat in you.

In my case,  I didn’t take much after my mother’s looks, I so wish I had though, she is beautiful and was a diva back in her days, flawless skin and gorgeous eyes, graceful aura that she still carries today, thankfully I inherited her lush silky hair, (oh God, thank you so much)… But more so,  I inherited character and traits from her. Where the looks might fade away with time and become a thing of the past, my character and everyday habits would remain with me forever; the kindness And generosity she taught me, enabled me to be gentler towards the lesser abundant people in our surroundings, to be mindful of how blessed we are with God’s gifts and how we need to keep circulating this abundance that we are blessed with to those in need at all times of life, because the good we do today always returns.

Where my father is responsible for the strong, determined and confident woman I am today, my mother filled me with love and compassion that completes me with sensitivity and feeling for others.

You gotta have a little something of theirs a little somewhat in you

Where dad helped me ace in the educational and professional realm and prepared me for the outside world, mother honed my skills in homemaking, be it anything ranging from making beds to being organized with wardrobe, to cooking to managing guests and even taking care of the mechanical appliances at home both heavy and light ones! Yeah!  My mom’s a savvy at these things, She has so much knowledge about electrical issues in the wires or even the car for that matter, that she beats my dad at all these things too! I definitely have an engineer mommy 😀 and naturally she has passed on this acumen to yours truly as well 😎 on the other side, I even carry her haste and flare in certain situations, where patience would be more suited but together they complete me with who I am today; minus anyone and I would not be the same person at all.

Oh and before I forget, she passed down her zest for singing in me too..  Watch this clip below of my mother and I singing, which I tweeted and it caught wildfire hahaa 😂

The theme of #ProudTobeMyMum was initiated by Nestle Pure Life around Women’s Day celebrating how specially, mothers pass down important habits and strong traditions down their family that go on and on for generations. This made me think deep of how much I am like my Ammi (mom) and there are so many similar ways in which I do things without realizing I have learnt from her.

I could go on and on talking about this,  because there’s so much I have gathered in all these years of my life, it’s not easy compiling it one article.

In a nutshell, she taught me Compassion, Generosity and Home/ Personal Management Skills at best, Thank you Ammi ♥

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