Unfolding Nature – Crazy Sky Series

Nature never ceases to amaze it’s lovers. It puts up a new show everyday, deliberately wanting it’s lovers to stay hooked to the surprises and beauty it has to offer..  It can intoxicate anyone who knows and understands its beauty.. who can sit for hours just to see a leaf change colors, its inhabitants waking up,  flowers blooming, secrets unfolding and all the tricks that nature can play and leave it’s audience dumb-founded..

Travelling to interior parts of Sindh, as we took a night ride on the highway, I was awake when the first light of dawn broke and instantly set myself to watch what was going to happen next, as someone like me seldom got a chance to be up this early to view something this incredible.  I witnessed nature unfold it’s beauties with the morning light casting shadows over the place and the rising sun enabling the skies to exhibit hues that can flabbergast anyone and I couldn’t control my excitement and went on clicking like crazy to capture whatever I could.. Although pictures can never ever do justice to the beauty of this universe but I want to share my feelings and clicks with you all anyway.. Hope you enjoy the crazy transformations the sky offered that morning, and mind you, all of this happened in less than 15 minutes.. The sky went on playing with our hearts every minute..

Enjoy the slideshow..

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