OLX Pakistan’s #WinningStory – Where Everyone Wins

Seems like it has been around for long no? OLX launched themselves with their first TVC in 2012 with the very famous tag line of “Baich Dey” that grabbed a lot of attention manly due to the catchy phrase and funny concepts of the series of ads launched later. It now somewhat owns the category, since whenever someone has to sell/buy stuff, they end up saying “OLX Kardo” or “OLX it”

Watch One of The First OLX TVC Here

Now it’s been 5 years since they launched in Pakistan and has successfully won the hearts of many by providing a reliable, quick easy and free platform for buyers and sellers to meet online for a vast variety of products and commodities. This is a win win situation for everybody because not only the buyers and sellers are happy , but the community is happy and so is the economy because this process of buying and selling fulfills the gap between demand and supply and keeps a continuous flow of funds, hence boosting economy eventually. OLX has created a global and efficient used goods economy, connecting buyers and sellers and empowering local people to be entrepreneurs. At a global level, over 160 billion rupees worth of goods across different categories get posted on OLX, out of which 100 billion rupees worth of goods are sold every day. OLX has also contributed positively to the economy of the country by recycling wealth amongst communities and generating employment opportunities for both men and women. Through our platform, individuals are gaining access to additional income wh ile fulfilling their dreams of acquiring things which were not accessible to them otherwise.

Upon reaching amazing numbers and returns after 5 years of operation in Pakistan, OLX celebrated this success with its emoployees, business partners and some of the most frequent users recently and arranged a lavish gathering.

The brand growth has been fueled by marketing investment flanked by the love of Pakistani people who adopted OLX in selling and buying things from cars to furniture, property to mobiles, electronics to pets and a variety of other categories.

As a result of this success, today OLX boasts some impressive numbers in Pakistan. They have 10,000+ daily app downloads, 500,000+ daily buyers and sellers creating 20 Million daily page views, 27,000+ new ads and 16,000+ unique sellers. In addition, OLX is used across the entire country and by various consumer segments. People from over 118 Pakistani cities use OLX and over 50,000 conversations take place between buyers and sellers every day.

Nonetheless, the real strength of the platform is in its liquidity – an ad is posted on OLX every 3 seconds and 70% of these ads are able to find a buyer within a week.

According to an AC Neilson study, 6.9 million Pakistanis stock used goods in their homes which costs around 14,440 crores, emphasizing the significance of classifieds in creating value from the used goods economy.

Within the classifleds space in Pakistan, OLX dominates the playfield in all categories by scoring 77% in top of the mind awareness.

OLX is now introducing a new service called “Featured Ads” in April 2017 — this will allow users to give their ads greater visibility and sell 7 times faster by prioritizing their placement on our platform. For the payment part, OLX Pakistan is partnering with Telenor EasyPaisa to allow users to make their payrrients in a convenient and hassle free manner. OLX users can pay from their credit cards, mobile wallets and over-the-counter through the Telenor Easypaisa service to avail this new feature.

Furthermore, in keeping with the desire to make the OLX experience safe and secure for all its users, OLX has started communicating actively with the FIA Cyber Crime unit for information sharing. A dedicated quality assurance team is installed to give the user the best quality of ads.

Finally, in celebration of  5-year anniversary and the launch of Featured Ads, OLX Pakistan has extended a special offer for customers who will post featured ads in April. All listers who feature their ads will be entered into a lucky draw where they have a chance to win up to 5 Laptops, 5 iPhone and 5 Motorbikes.

Wohoo!.. this is some heavy news for all active OLX users. Are you one of them?

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