Net Drapes – Best for Summers 

Winters are supposed to linger on for atleast the first quarter of the year, but from the looks of the sultry heat already seeping into Karachi,  I doubt Karachiites would get to witness that. The sun’s up and high and shining bright on our heads everyday, bringing to the need of wearing light airy clothes and use of light, summery furnishing items around the house. For example,  heavy curtains and beautiful dark shades of bedding look amazing in winters, but it’s just natural that you want the house to be more well ventilated and look bright and warm with ample space for air to circulate, so heavy linens and drapes are a big no no! 

Depending on the construction of your house and level of privacy required,  the use of voile and net curtains goes best in sweltering heat. It gives a sense of fresh air and spaciousness in the house making it look less cluttered and well lit.  Very soothing for hot weathers, plus it even prevents insects that are prone to living behind dark shades to make residence. 

As soon as winters were gone,  I took off the heavy, dark, though very classy,  curtains and replaced them with white net falls all around my sitting room and hallway. I don’t need to switch on the lights in daytime anymore 🙂 

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