What Freedom from Glasses Really Mean? It Means Lasik

Remember how difficult it was for you to swallow when you knew you had to wear those spectacles probably forever? Made you feel like a granny alright. Such a change to your physical appearance is often hard to accept. Yes you do have the option of lenses to modify your look for a while but for how long? They only offer a short relief but the only way to truly know what it’s like to be free from having to think or worry about spectacles and handling them with care is to completely get rid of them! But the question is, are you ready for the change?
If your answer is yes, head soon to Hashmanis Hospital (est. since 1981), that has been offering this magic solution for life long freedom from specs. You just got to go and get checked to see if it’s the right time for you to be a candidate or not..becsuse if your eye sight keeps dropping, you need to wait out till it comes to halt, like the maximum it could drop and then get it “Lasik-ed”, yeah “Lasik” is the magic solution to your spec problems.
Never heard of it?  Well Lasik was introduced nearly 20 years ago and has successful cases of more than 40 million pair of eyes!  It’s one of the most common laser eye procedures to correct vision problems, easily feasible for people with issues of short/long sightedness. The best fact is it takes about 10-15 minutes for the process to get done with no serious medical procedure and almost no pain, just a cut through the cornea and reshaping of the tissue to correct the vision. No bandages or stitches required. Only in very rare sensitive cases,  do the patient sometimes need to wear corrective lenses or glasses for some time otherwise,  you are SPECS FREE the very next day of the procedure!

Hashmanis itself has performed more than 50,000 refractive procedures so far and the number continues. Also they cater to patients queries about these procedures via Skype, free of cost so don’t hesitate to contact them for free consultation. Details can be gathered from Hashmanis Website

 Last week,  Dr. Shareef Hashmani, performed a live TOPO guided surgery, the latest form of Lasik surgery performed only and only at Hashmanis throughout Pakistan and the video was live on Facebook. This was new for the social audiences because they could exactly see how it’s done and those who feared it in any way got to know how painless and simple it was. This was a smart way of connecting with the masses, who are majorly active on social media. The activity trended on Twitter that day with the hashtag #Hashmanis

You can also watch the live video of the procedure by clicking here

TOPO guided LASIK procedure

Let’s help spread this word more for those who may still be unaware. You might just help someone live a SPEC FREE life forever 🙂
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