#ComedyMasala – Best of Hilarity Comes to Pakistan

Laughter is indeed a therapy.
In a world full of grim news these days, few hours of laughter with your friends and family can release you from stress and relax you in a much needed way.
Comedy Masala, a group of world class stand up comedians is finally making its way into Pakistan for their first ever time! Yeah along side PSL and CPEC and so many more collaborative projects with other countries, this event would really open doors for similar episodes to take place on our homeland and bring in tons of talent from all around as we manifest ours.
This is a Singapore based organization of comedians, that showcases some world class stand up comedians. This show was able to make a huge mark in South East Asia making to the number 1 position and being counted in one of the Top 10 comedy nights around the world, that also got featured in Comedy Central Asia.
This popular and much loved series of shows is finally going to make a once in a lifetime appearance, live in Pakistan!
A series of 6 shows will be covered over 3 nights in Karachi starting February 23-25th and later in Lahore and Islamabad.
The opening shows line up is absolutely amazing and I’m sure it will draw a lot of audience specially those who are regular fans of stand up comedies!
3 super hilarity heroes, Paul Ogata, Dwayne Perkins & Matt Davis are sure to leave you tossing and turning in your seats with laughter, and won’t it be fantastic to not just do this at home behind a screen but live at the venue with your friends?? ūüėÄ indeed every performer will leave you in stitches with a different theme.
The line up will be same for all 6 shows and event will be hosted by Pakistani comedian, Umar Rana.
Most of the shows have already been booked, ¬†good thing it’s on a weekday, ¬†so there’s still a chance for you to find seats for your lot.
There are certain guidelines to the show, mainly that the audience must be 18 or above since the comic slap could be a little explicit and blunt. The show will go on non stop for 90 minutes with no food/beverage allowed inside the venue. But they’ll have food stalls outside so feel free to binge eat once you’ve had a good laugh and have an ample space to refill yourselves
BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: www.comedymasala.com/pk
For further details on the event, click on this Link
Also check out the official Facebook page of Comedy Masala 
Have anything to add or suggest? Feel free to drop in your comments below 

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