How To Become A Chef With An App

Technology is on the loose these days, kicking everyone’s butt, turning people pro at everything coz there’s an app available for almost anything you name. You can’t be “not good” at something anymore coz that would just be an excuse.
Joining the bandwagon of launching applications, Dawlance home and Kitchen appliances also launched their Kitchen & Home Care app for its users in Feb 14th. The kitchen app caters professional pre installed recipes from around the world that play on a voice navigated step by step guide for you to stay focused on your cooking instead of pausing it every now and then to rewind what you just heard on the video. Recipes include items for breakfast, snacks, beverages, starters and desserts. It shows the calorie count for diet watchers and is also available in Urdu language for easy understanding. can give voice instruction to the app to move to the next step in the cooking process.  (hope they have the same for pause/play option too)

The Home Care app gives you a detailed insight on your equipment that you have in your house, you can enjoy usage tips and tricks to utilize your appliance in most efficient manner, lodge complaints for any dysfunction at any time and view your nearest service center as well. The aim is to bridge the gap between consumers and appliances. All you need to do is select the model number of appliance that you have and tips and tricks for each individual product will show.

The voice navigated food recipes, most of which can be made easily in an oil-free way in Dawlance microwave, are so quick and comprehensible that any lay man can cook and be called as a chef, Ahaa!

So it’s not really difficult to be in the kitchen anymore, when there’s “someone” guiding you with instructions step by step. No more missing and getting confused with the long recipes or fiddling with what’s what.
So if you’re a newbie,  or someone who’s just scared to cook because it’s such a complicated mess,  try this app and let’s see if you have a change of mind.

The app is available on Android by the name of Dawlance Kitchen & Dawlance Care.
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