Tum Ho #Sparkistan – The Anthem of Unsung Heroes

“When is the anthem going to release?” I would repeatedly ask the team members because I still hadn’t heard the audio of this beautiful documentary we had worked on 2 months ago and I was all excited and geared up to see it’s teaser which was basically an anthem giving a sneak peek into what the journey was about.
The idea owned by Atlas Battery, a big name in the marlet, was to bring forward around 12- 13 out of so many unsung heroes from all over Pakistan, who have indulged in personal or public achievements to highlight the positive side of our country and give it a better image and future altogether.
Some are making Pakistan proud by setting unique standards and records in area of sports, medicine and art while others are helping to foster the future of this country by educating the youth with little or no personal gain but to see them prosper in their lives and eventually give Pakistan a more empowered, educated youth to take it forward. One important feature of this documentary is that it also highlights women who have been doing great things for others and themselves, they have been helping other women to grow and climb the ladder with confidence and strength, fight the typical mindsets of society and live a productive life.
That’s what Pakistan needs today.. A healthy, aspiring and a hardworking nation that believes in itself, in its ability to do great things and show the world that real spark exists here.
This anthem is just an introduction to the concept of documentary overall, soon there will be digital webisodes and an app that will feature the incredible stories of each individual in detail. Let’s take a look at the anthem first and see how it goes …

Well, people may comment on its production and layout as they please, but for me, this project is so special, that watching this anthem made me relive behind the scenes moments altogether in one go. Each flipping frame was a flashback to the excitememt, fun filled moments and shenanigans that the team enjoyed.
And i really like the flow of the story communicated through the anthem that how a child aspires to be something in his / her future and gets there with a fully determined and passionate approach.
Here’s what some of the twitteratis had to say when they heard the anthem at its launch

Well in case you’re still wondering what connection does it have to Atlas Battery, so just how an efficient battery sparks up the life of a car; an independent, efficient and aspiring individual can spark the lives of so many people around him/her
Lastly before I end my writing, I made a small flipagram video of moments featuring all the heroes and some tidbits of us on the journey during the making.
Hope you enjoy it…and stay tuned for more pieces on magical stories of #Sparkistan .. ciao!

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