Whirling for A Great Cause

It’s easy to spend a bundle of thousands on an entertainment based event that gives us joy for that one evening.. But how wonderful would it be if the money spent would bring joy for a long time to come. Something that would not just benefit us but benefit those around us who are smart and talented but need support and cooperation from the already gifted and lucky members of the society.
Heard of Whirling Dervishes? Well if you’re a traveller or have read Elif Shafak’s “40 Rules of Love” ..then you must have heard of this iconic, historical and spiritual dance of Rumi, now known as a Sufi turning which is an act of meditation. It’s really mystical!
To view this beholding sight,  I’d love to personally go to Turkey and attend the performances, but given the current political situation,  that seems a tad bit difficult, so the Good News is that the dervishes will be coming to Pakistan!
Yes the Whirling Dervishes from Konya, Turkey are coming to Pakistan for the first time for a special event organized by Akhuwat Pakistan, which is the worlds largest interest free microfinance program and all proceeds from this event will go towards building of Pakistan’s first Fee-free university for the underprivileged students to provide education to the youth in a more accessible way.
One seat is for Rs.7000. Yes it may sound expensive but then again, won’t we spend that much on something so memorable while we are travelling? Plus this money is all for donation, so the act of charity also lingers.
Prominent names are part of this fundraising event such as Embassy of Turkey, Municipality of Konya, Turkish Airlines, Hilal Foods, Dawlance, Avari Towers, Dunya News,  Lake City, Albarayk Group and Zorlu Energy.
So if you’re up for a memorable experience of transporting yourself to Konya, Turkey for a few hours and be mesmerized by the mystical performance and partake in a great cause that would seriously boost and encourage education for our youth at the same time, you can check out the below agenda for reference and book your seat immediately 🙂
Also,  event updates can be followed on social media under the hashtags #AkhuwatEDU #AkhuwatDervishes #WhirlingDervishes
See you there!
More about Akhuwat? 
Akhuwat Pakistan is the World’s Largest Interest Free Microfinance Program. Till date Akhuwat has disbursed more than Rs. 32.7 Billion to m1.6 million families. In addition to this under Akhuwat Educational Services they have adopted more than 200 schools all over Pakistan, including Sindh’s Oldest School, NJV School, and are working to revamp them into modern educational institutes. Furthermore, Akhuwat Clothes Bank, collects clothes from the well to do and distributes them among the needy. To find out more about Akhuwat visit their website:
Facebook page: 

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