Exploring & Making Records – Meet Cassie De Pecol

In my previous blog, I’d mentioned Cassie De Pecol visiting Pakistan and I was super excited for this meetup not just because another ‘gora’ (foreigner) was coming to my homeland but also because I was sure to enjoy her tales of voyage plus being from the same age group as myself and somewhat the same perspective on work and life, I could relate to her inspirations really well.
So Cassandra or Cassie is a 27 year old American, who launched out to set a world record by travelling to 196 countries (pretty much the whole world) in the shortest possible time. She is also the youngest female to have covered such a journey in this time span. Her visit to Pakistan was the 192nd if I’m not mistaken, which means she is incredibly near to the end of her journey. All praises to her!
She started off working like anyone else in the corporate world and soon found it suffocating and wanted to do something that would quench her thirst for travel and also enjoy her work. She also started a business at the age of 21 which didn’t work out as planned but that didn’t damp her goals and so she kept trying to build her network and provide business consultancy to various clients. She managed to get in touch with great sponsors and set her “Expedition 196” project in motion in 2015 as a “Chief Explorer” aiming to be the fastest woman to have visited every country, and by the end of January 2017, she will be done with her goal hopefully, gaining a massive laud for herself. So happy for her!
Besides just travelling around the world setting a record, she has been travelling as a peace ambassador on behalf of International Institute of Peace Through Tourism with the idea of uniting the world on the common notion of peace regardless of belief, religion or race.
The coolest thing she does is, wherever she goes, she plants a tree indigenous to that place, as a gesture of peace, solidarity, long lasting bonds and also to promote a healthy environment. Moreover, she collects water samples from every country she visits since she is working with ADVENTURE SCIENTISTS on a water conservation project. She has been documenting her travels and will soon release the video once done.
Her visit to Pakistan was around 2 weeks ago, invited by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)  and Asiatic PR in Karachi (her next stops being Lahore & Islamabad too) She met the mayor, visited some of the popular places and was totally excited to the colorful Rickshaws and loud buses, which she had never seen before. We met her for an evening, heard her stories and it was so thrilling to know that once she is done with this project, she wishes to go into space and explore that arena too.. Wow!
One of the things she frequently quoted as her “top tip” was to leave all pre conceived notions outside the door before you think to travel and rather experience the destination with a chance of uncertainty and the unexpected, that is sure to give you a much better and worthwhile experience.
Here is a live video that I shot of our meeting with her at the Asiatic PR office. Thanks to them for arranging this gathering, it was pure bliss. Her energy was positive and very inspiring, atleast for me. She kept pressing on the fact on he we should motivate ourselves to do what we really aspire and prepare a plan of action and set things rolling.


Thank you Cassie and all the best for your future goals ❤❤



You may follow her expedition via her website (as mentioned above) or follow her instagram here

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