Denmark Meets Pakistan – United By Musical Clan!

Pakistan, unfotunately, falls under the category of those countries, whose social standing / image is mostly misunderstood for often being on the headlines of some or the other negative news flash hence we don’t see a lot of our foreign friends willing to visit us freely or come touring to this part of Asia; which is quite sad, because on the contrary, there’s so much the media doesn’t show, the hospitable nature of people, the food cultures, the colorful stories on everyday streets, panoramic views of northern areas, lifestyle, successes and advancements and so much more.

But I’m glad that there are steps being taken towards organizing events that include, invite and engage people from other countries, which gives us ample chance to portray our true values, our culture, the potential in our people, in our country, to show them the untold part of the story.
One such event took place at Avari Hotels, that arranges a food festival every month based on specialized cuisines of the world, this time we had the Danish Food festival (#DanishFoodFest) going on at their Asia Live hotel, with dishes authentically prepared by and under a danish chef’s supervision. Now the highlight of the event was that they had invited a Danish band to perform live at the festival. This band comprised of 5 -6 members who had collaborated for this arrangement otherwise they perform individually as well. They started performing amidst the dinner and trust me their melodies made my dinner experience even more worthwhile.

Later, after their session was over, My group and I personally had the chance to speak with them. They were so friendly to talk to they sat down with us in the lobby and we chatted for like a good half an hour they were really delighted to meet us, to know that we are travel and lifestyle bloggers. Almost immediately, the air between us was friendly and we exchanged contacts and Facebook ID’s.

Most of them visiting Pakistan for the first time, asked us about the city and the places that they should visit because they were here for a very short time and wanted to visit as much as possible. We told them to go see Port Grand, since it offers so much for its visitors, Food stalls, port, speed boating etc. We certainly recommended them to visit Kolachi restaurant and French Beach if they had enough time but they said that they couldn’t because at night they had to perform at the hotel so they couldn’t go out for a full day plan. They told us that they had was with the Dolmen Mall Clifton and they were delighted to see how excited people here are for shopping and they simply loved the diversity in people.
We made a special request for them to sing us their National Anthem and Ayoe and Nicolai sang it beautifully for us. It was so melodious and soft and sweet sounding to the ears. We asked them the meaning of the anthem and they told us that it praises the countryside and Greenery and the nature of their country and it also talks about the stories of Giants who they believe once ruled over the Danish countryside. Here’s the recording for you to watch…

In return we Sang our national anthem for them and they simply loved it. We told them what the Crux of the national anthem was and they enjoyed every bit of it. I even learn a few Danish words from them. Wohoo

They have played music in fusion with our local musicians at different venues, which has turned out great btw.

After spending around 3 to 4 days in Karachi they were going to visit Lahore and Islamabad next. Suggested them to simply enjoy the streets the fog, the food and the lovely people in Lahore and definitely buy a funky pair of shoes as a memoir from Anarkali.
In Islamabad, recommended them to enjoy the margala hill trails, visit the monuments and if they have enough time after their performance they should visit Gloria Jeans at the Muree Expressway, that should give them a glimpse of how beautiful our Northern areas are. If they were here for a longer time. I would have definitely suggested them to take a trip up north to Hunza, Naran or Kashmir etc but since they were short of time this would have been sufficient for now. although I do hope that they would visit again soon, really want them see the gigantic gorgeous mountain thrones we have!
I’ve been following their instagram and enjoying how much they are loving their stay. From pictures of a bull cart transporting a family to lavish pools of Serena, fancy decorated camels at karachi beach to greenside of Islamabad, Pakistan truly has a diverse culture and way of life to offer the tourists but that’s the beauty of this county I’d say ♡
I really wanted to share this article, so you could invite your friends, friends of friends living abroad to this side and show them the true hospitality of this nation. Travel, music, art are some of the mediums that helps nations unite from all over. You can also follow their posts on social media by following the hash tag #LiveStrings or follow them on instagram @LiveStrings and also check out the page @MamesBabegenush since there wasn’t one band playing here but a combined effort of 2-3 bands/ individuals performing together. But together, they made a great team!

Other such event also includes my recent meeting with Cassie De Pecol, an American globetrotter on a peace mission. But I’ll cover that in my other blog. Stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile do read this, throw your comments and share it to spread some love! 🙂

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