Toh Phir Kuch Kar Guzro

Everybody dreams, those who say they don’t, they dream secretly too. Everybody wants be something but often let go of the desire due to one or the other reason. Now talking specifically of our society (which btw is pretty much changing now), most of our kids and career decisions are handled by our elders who by all means intend no harm, it’s just that their idea of pursuing life may not necessarily match with yours. So have you ever said it out loud? What you really want to do and how different you are from their wish bubble?
That’s where your youthful, passionate charm kicks in… you got to build a bridge of clear communication, come to an agreeing point where both parties are happy and willing to give each other a chance to try their wishlist. Well, parents ought to give their children that chance, right? Let them try once so they atleast have a taste of what they’ve been dreaming of. But this may not be as simple for everyone as it sounds, as a morale boosting and motivational message to look up to, a renowned youth brand Djuice recently launched a short online film which blatantly revolves around the message for the youth to stand up for their dreams, now this doesn’t mean you just start a rebellion ofcourse, (for you could get into “Sangeen” trouble, lol) But definitely do your math, gather the necessities you need and take your journey of fulfillment, with your elders consent. Bring them in on it!
So this short film, #OyeKuchKarGuzar which happens to be the first online movie to have been released in Pakistan, has taken the Internet by storm. Everyone seems to be talking about it, mainly for its hugely creative storyline, comic styled graphics, star cast and the fact that it’s also INTERACTIVE with its viewers, YES!
How? Well the movie has been released in an episodic form, with alternate ends to each episodes, that the viewer can select as per choice. Isn’t that cool? it’s happened for the first time that you can steer the movie whichever way you like 😀
The launch of the movie was pretty successful and created a lot of holler. Show of hands and rooting were used to select the scenes to showcase the movie.
This was while we anxiously waited for the movie to start but it ..just wouldn’t :-/

But let’s not keep you waiting, although I’m sure most of you have already watched it but if you haven’t then here you go with the first clip on how rhe journey begins..

Haha, so how did you find that? cool start right.. I love the crisp colors and animation is brilliant! also, I bet you liked Shabnam Begum? but do you want her to pull the chain or not? choice is yours, simply click on the intended arrow to view further (as shown on the video)

If chosen option 1:

And for option  2:

Option 1 or 2, that LAHORI accent was a total mind blast haha and I simply love the following animations after that scene.. superbly put

Well, I hope you’re liking it so far but how this takes a turn in the coming scenes and relates to the message of “kuch kar dikhana hai” and realizing your dreams, you must definitely watch further at

And last but not the least, a very special icon who is a glorious, wondrous, sensational internet icon has made a super duper special appearance in this movie too keep your eye to eye, I mean eyes open for that scene! 😀 you really don’t want to miss that bit

Do leave your comments below and let me know what you think of the movie and it’s making, does it resonate with you? do you want to swe more stuff like this? I certainly do. it’s something I can watch easily at home at the comfort of my bed and no expense at all 🙂

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