#YehHaiKarachi – How Young Artists View Their Beloved City

Karachi is gigantic with massive number of people, cultures, traditions, beliefs, practices, views – both appealing & depressing – it’s a place of thousand stories; or maybe more
Recently, in continuation to a former programme “I am Karachi: Travelogues”, The School of Writing has once again taken forward the initiative to highlight this city’s differing colors through art.
A 50 hour free photography and film making programme revolving around the theme of Peace, Tolerance & Global Cirizenship was offered to those interested (aged between 16 – 30). A total of 372 participants were were enrolled, where initially they had classroom sessions about the basics since the participants were from all sorts of backgrounds, art or no art. After brief technical education, they were taken out to various areas of the city (mainly divided into 6 districts) where they shot photos and some even made short documentaries around the theme, solely with their point and shoot cameras. Each individual displayed greatly unique amount of creativity which they themselves didn’t know they possessed. Some of the results were so brilliant that one couldn’t believe they were coming from a non professional. They only knew the question, “What is Karachi for you? How would you depict it in your own positive approach focusing on peace & tolerance”
To celebrate the diversity of this strangely beautiful metropolis, an exhibition has been set up for the display of some selected photos and documentaries the students came up with.

Click the link below for more details:
Exhibition: Commune Artist Colony – 22nd & 23rd of October
For all those art lovers willing to show support to this initiative and admiring their work, please do visit and appreciate their efforts. Some of the participants will also be present at the event.

I got my piece of art from their recent meetup at the T2F and it’s just gorgeous …a perfect representation of how I see Karachi –

Hope you enjoy and bag an art piece or two for yourself as well 😉

The event updates can be followed on twitter & Instagram by the hashtag #YehHaiKarachi

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