Greet the World with A Hot Cuppa Coffee

And it all started with a Nescafe…
From running over to Dera for a quick short shoot to becoming a part of an entertaining and fun video for International Coffee Day, to deliberately waking up early to share morning coffee quotes with cheery good mornings to the world from #Pakistan. They were some coffee filled days of our lives. Well they always were, but thanks to the campaign, we got even more creative with our coffee mugs!
So nescafe, a name that would be first to pop up anytime coffee was mentioned, was celebrating the #internationalcoffeeday with its loyal consumers; they decided to call in people to send their videos based on concept of sharing that mug of morning happiness no matter where you are. .. like spiritually having coffee together and thus exchanging a Good morning greeting round the chain. Here is something what my friends and I submitted..
More fun entries came in on similar direction giving out the message how coffee could seriously Kickstart your day in just a sip in a matter of seconds unlike any other beverage (water is just another healthy option for me though)
Since this was a global trend in lieu of the coffee day, videos and coffee posts poured in from all over the world, Pakistan being second to trend highest on Twitter for this occasion; tells how much of hot beverage is likeably consumed here as a morning boost.
Here’s a look into some cocoa laden tweets/posts. Hope you enjoy 🙂
#GoodMorningWorld !!


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