Step into Luxor @ #MonaJSpa

Looking good is one of woman’s primary rights and more than that, it’s about feeling good …but how does one take out time for such luxurious activities when time itself is the most scarce commodity these days.
Our hectic office life, continuous exertion on hands, feet and shoulders, hot sunny rays hitting our skin and never ending work can cause a great deal of fatigue and trust me you don’t want to take that home, to your family or to the upcoming weekend …it’s just going to spoil it. To get rid of such a stress filled routine, we really need to pluck time out to pamper our moods and our bodies; so yes a Spa Day Out is a must … .. yeah it sounds fancy, but hey! you’ve been stacking up that salary for some or the other important chore all this time…YOU’RE IMPORTANT too 🙂
Spa culture isn’t too famous here in Pakistan, mainly because
1. it’s considered expensive
2. Safety issues (shady businesses are always there)
3. no time for ME
Well, yes it’s certainly a little expensive but certainly is worth all the pamper, luxury and great results your body shows after it. It’s worth YOU.
Secondly, there are renowned and trusted names in the market who run spa businesses and you can go to them without hesitation – one such place is Mona J Salon/Spa where I happened to visit recently for an opulent massage because my body was screaming for it and I could hear it.
First of all, walking into the spa makes you skip a heartbeat coz it’s so lavishly built and decorated -you start feeling good already – almost royal.
You mention your booked service and wait a while or you could always go meet Mona in her deluxe looking glass walled office and chit chat for a while; yeah she is super sweet that way. If it’s your first visit, you can always ask for a tour and she’ll be happy to show you around flaunting it’s exquisite structure. There’s an indoor elevator leading to floors, each dedicated to a certain type of service.
When I was done seeing around, I realized my room and masseuse were ready. The room itself was so soothing to the eyes, half of my muscle tension was soaked in by the blue lights. Swedish massage, which is known for redirecting blood flow to the heart and easing muscle tension is the best known type of massage in the west. Those 60 mins of relaxation and peace and shutting out the world were much needed for me. Special mention to the masseuse, Sana who did her job perfectly and with care. By the end of the session I was clearly relaxed and happily numb from the effect.
Moreover,  they told me of their deluxe Turkish Hamam similar to the Moroccan bath service in the middle east, which is a must have service for ladies once in 6 months so or so.
Once done, I sat with Mona, admiring her office interior and mentioning my feedback of the service and also pointing out a few areas that could be modified; that’s the good part actually,  she sits and treats her customers with individual attention and personal time, which makes you feel even more comfortable with the place and you know you’re in good hands. It’s evident from their attitude that they’re in it for the long haul and not just sitting to mint large chunks of money from their clients.
Though I just tested one service this time and didn’t really have a complete spa day, to say, but yeah my first time experience went pretty well and I’m pretty much impressed to pay a visit again (not till I get a few salary checks though :-/ ) haha
So ladies,  do check out this spot at your convenience and let me know your thoughts below! 😀

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