Carved Forever

13233051_1789979907888471_2382354281362792659_nWhen the love is so eternal… you are carved for life; together side by side forever; for centuries to come; for generations to see; for kindred to talk; for stories to be told …for lovers to replicate

A common tradition of wooden encarvement in the Kalash, Chitral district of KPK, of couples, individuals, rulers, family and whosoever, after their deaths for eternal remembrance and people to know their stories. The wood/tree selection is done in a mysterious uncanny way of calling out the name of the deceased to the trees and whichever tree responds to the call is the one chosen for statue making.





*The Kalashi tribe is indigenous to Indo-Aryan Dardic people who are known to have come from Nuristan (part of Afghanistan). They are polytheists & strongly believe in twelve deities and worship the crows, hence their clothing resembles the bird. They are magic believing people and hold supernatural beliefs dear to them. They are a small community living here in the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are gradually reducing in number due to the forced conversions of their people to Islam by the religious fanatics residing nearby. 

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