Tips for A Budget Travel to Malaysia

In 100k. Yes!
You could travel all the way to Malaysia, the beautiful cross culture country with an amazingly dense green belt running across, superb beaches, people of great acceptance and tolerance, great mix of colors of Asia, state of the art everything, exotic retreats, wide array of delicious & cheap food offerings, friendliest people and so much more
If you’re a food and shopping freak, malaysia is definitely you’re spot; after Thailand ofcourse, but only in terms of shopping because food variety really matters a lot if you’re looking for halal food options plus their food has so many variations, from Malay to Thai,Tamil, Pakistani, Authentic Chinese (Jalan Alor street in Kuala Lumpur) and quite many more. Quality of food is good enough and cost is pocket friendly making you’re overall spending light specially when you’re travelling and looking to spend more on the recreational activities than feeding your stomachs.
So you see it’s a bit different for a traveller exploring a place and a tourist doing it, I’m sure you know the difference and if you don’t.. well let’s just sum it up by saying that travellers don’t like it fancy; they enjoy the essence of the experience by staying nearest to ground realities 🙂  a tourist is simply otherwise. All things lavish ahan!
The below tips for a budget travel to Malaysia are obviously for a traveller, most probably single or travelling with a like minded group of friends or even better if you have a crazy enough adventurous spouse to accompany you 😉
1. Season Sale Avail – Well duh, you definitely need to keep a lookout for those awesome season sales by multiple airlines for cheap airfare (Malaysian return flight as low as PKR 35000 – 38000 by PIA)
2. Pre Book It – If you don’t have friends/family there, prebook your accommodation via Agoda or where you could get rooms as low as Rs. 1000 per night ( do read the reviews beforehand; the place could be infested with bed bugs). You could even choose the option of couch surfing or room sharing via Air Bnb.
Keep in mind, you’re there for a few days only hence you want to spend your maximum time out on the streets exploring the place and not sleeping in, which is hardly a few hours at night, hence don’t go too fancy on the hotel booking. Just keep the area security in mind (which you could always review on Internet through trip advisor or other reviewing websites)
Also, a big plus if you select hotels that include breakfast in the deal. Would save you money and trust me the kind of king’s feast some of them serve you…you’re good for the day
3. Eat Street –  Enjoy heartiest meals from cheapest yet delicious restaurants of Kuala Lumpur city. It’s a place for food lovers! Eat your heart (read stomach) out and fill your bellies with yummy street food. Costing as low as Ringit 1.5 to as high as you want but let’s just keep it to max 15 RM per day shall we? Which is pretty much possible since you’ve already had breakfast on the house (ideally) only need one meal filling meal for the night and some fruits or light snacks to keep going for the day (advisable to eat less during travel anyway)
4. Don’t Shop Till You Drop – most brands are global and quite a few of them are available here in Pakistan so unless you come across a really kickass item which is found nowhere else but in Malaysia, then go for it Or..if you find something you eagerly want and it’s super cheap..leap before someone else does!
Shopping should be minimal and kept to be done in the last. Don’t forget to make a budget for it beforehand and try not to exceed it
5. Walkie Talkie – cities are best explored by foot hence the best way to enhance your experience of people and places is to walk the roads yourself; this way you not only get real life experience or learn the routes by heart but also save fares you pay for destinations so near!
6. A La Metro – Well since not all places can be reached on foot. Use metro buses, LRT’s or the Komuter Trains instead of Taxis. Taxis save you time no doubt but rip your pockets plus in case there’s a traffic’re stuck in it for a loooongg time. Always Google train timings and bus stops beforehand and know which one would cost you least.
P.S don’t forget the GoKL buses that charge you nothing for certain designated routes.
Also to go to a variety of spots for exploration, you could also avail the “Hop on Hop Off” buses that cost 45 RM for the whole day covering around 27 spots around Kuala Lumpur
A well thought out transportation plan could save you loads.
7. Voucher deals – these are a must if you want to extract maximum fun out of a place. Download apps or buy vouchers online, purchase deals for recreational activities, shopping, food, spa treatments and blah blah. Best if you could ask someone to purchase them for you in advance before you reach there or keep a lookout for online daily deals while you’re there. You could really do a lot this way saving quite many notes
also you could purchase a bulk deal where you can do unlimited number of activities for a fixed amount. Yeah that’s cool too
8. Eyes Open – for all the free clubbing and bar hopping! Why pay when you have designated days for free clubbing. Keep a lookout, ask around for info and read on the Internet thoroughly!
Well these are the major chunk of tips you could follow for a budget travel to Malaysia. Rest is up to you how you want to customize your trip and save those little pennies from flowing unnoticeably. I followed nearly all of them, getting all the info on my own via internet and yes I was able to achieve the budget mark!
Also, do maintain a small diary of all expenses incurred and pre assign a daily budget for expenditure; notice if you’re exceeding it then try cutting down the cost to a bearable level.
Let me know if you have some more tips to share for saving pennies in a better way …. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Tips for A Budget Travel to Malaysia

    1. Taxi fares, yes + if you choose to live on island like we did then even the ferry rates spike double after midnight

      Which is why for KL atleast, metro or walking is the best

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