And so I kept living.


It’s suicide prevention week. Each year, nearly 100,000 deaths are estimated worldwide due to suicide which accounts for more deaths than homicides and wars combined. Although there are no recorded stats for suicide in Pakistan, the suicide ratio has gradually been increasing over the last few years and that the upward trend has been very dramatic with almost 3,000 cases of suicide being reported in 2001 nationally. Suicide is considered the easy way out in many societies.
People tend to associate it with individuals who are weak and cannot face the realities of life. But is it really that simple? Life has infinite options. If one way doesn’t work, there’s always another way. Living, albeit, a brave act, is not as difficult as wanting to end your life, killing every option, diminishing every bit of hope. But above all that, living after dying, that’s the bravest and most courageous thing…

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