Minimizing Hotel Booking Hassles On Travel via Jovago

One of the biggest hassle one could have when travelling internationally or even domestic, to a spot you’ve not visited before is getting the accommodation matters aligned. Visiting the spots, food and shopping can be easily taken care of but where do you dump your luggage after landing is the main question (unless you’re an adventurous backpacker/road camper)

Here, online hotel booking websites come in handy, to which I’ll admit, I never entrusted myself because of all those shady companies asking for online payments. But since my recent experience of using online hotel booking services; I think they’re saviors!

So apart from youngsters who manage to take help from their friends/ tour guides or adventurous ones who just check in on spot to whichever place they get a space in; Families are the ones who are more concerned about booking a decent, safe place  well in advance to avoid the run time hassles. They love to visit places but are often hesitant to go with tour companies or rely completely on their accommodation services which often turn out poor. Also we don’t have proper platforms where they could be guided about reliable hotel bookings in detail.

That’s where comes in, probably the only service in this regard that has a reliable track record here and in multiple countries abroad. Offering services in around 160+ cities with 20,000+ hotels that give you splendid offers and discounts on booking through them with an option to ‘book now & pay later’ – this feature is pretty useful for a change of mind about the dates

All you need to do is download the app and Yada! You have all the hotel options, rates, discounts as per your requirement right on your screen. They recently held a gathering with print & online media to talk of their future plans partnerships with various hotel companies and guesthouses across Pakistan. Since unfortunately, people here still aren’t used to app usage for hotel bookings, this informative gathering was necessary and very insightful about their plans ahead.

I’m definitely recommeding this to my family who are always reluctant to book accommodations online and their concern is valid but since huge names like the Asia Pacific Group & Rocket Internet (the parent company and investor respectively) are involved, I’d say the reliability factor goes up a notch.

If you have already used their services,  let me know how your experience went in the comments below 🙂

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