Are you #StormStruck yet?

Tired of the hiccups in your movie while you stream to watch something with your friends? Or the forever it takes to load those travel photos York friend has just shared on whatsapp? Or the cable wala having some issues either the satellite and hence you cant see your favourite series since the channel can’t be displayed! Phew …. so many obstacles, one problem: Internet connection

One solution:StormFiber

A stormy speedy Internet service powered by one of the Giants in the history of connectivity i.e  Cybernet

They’re using a large fiber based network that provides fast Internet over a large span of area at super affordable prices rightat your doorstep and that’s not it, their famous feature is the “Triple Play” which means their services don’t just end at providing you ease at broadband but also they provide you on demand HDTV entertainment with almost over 200 channels for display (which means,  no more waiting on that movie to buffer; enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with friends!) and you could enjoy direct connectivity on your phone with their non wifi based modems that link to your preferred device so you can specifically enjoy a secure, speedy connection and also make HD calls for clearer, crisper and real time talk instead of waiting for a minute to let the other person receive your message!


Their recent highlight were the independence day deals that literally took the social media by storm as soon as they launched their packages.. well obviously, the prices and bundles were too good to be much better than what most of us currently use at our homes (Offices, I’m not sure)


These deals are a limited time edition and can be purchased instantly by signing up on their website or giving them a call, although before you do, do checkout their geographical reach which is still in the phase of expanding so make sure your area falls under the category as of now.for Karachi areas,  you can check out the areas of coverage here,


And if your area still doesn’t fall in the category above, wait a tad bit, they are readily expanding their reach 🙂

The news spread like fire specially in twitter and people shared and supported the brand with great zeal are and humor. Some of the tweets that came in were quite entertaining and so close to our everyday life issues! 😀

For more details on the brand and it’s services,  you can visit

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