Cheetos-Hunt-Your-Ice-Age-Ticket with #MyTicketHunt

If you have kids in the house,  you know you have to keep a look out for something exciting all the time… stay updated on what’s new happening in the city and participate actively.

Ice age, one of the most favourite animated movies for kids (and  for some elders too) recently came out with its latest episode  with a bang;  bringing alive it’s fun filled essence with association to Cheetos and adventurous rides! I love rides too
How was it done?

Remember the crane claw game you used to play where you’d insert a coin, mechanically move the claw with a lever and pick up your favourite sweets or chips or toy from the collection??
Well imagine, this whole thing multiplied by 10 times in size enough to hold YOU!
Yes! You are the claw held by straps and tandems, hovered over a large bunch of collection of Cheetos chips with the golden prize being tickets to the movie: Ice Age – Collision Course

These large simulators were installed at popular destinations of the three major cities: Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad and gathered some great amount of attention since the idea was novice here and of course everyone wanted to try out their luck to win the movie tickets.
Lahore even saw it’s premiere take place at the IMAX on the 10th of July, where a number of celebrities were also present, enjoying the movie with their kids and families.
I wish they had set up the premiere in Karachi as well but sighs that didn’t happen, however the claw ride was a pretty massive success in the malls.






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