Edhi: The name synonymous to Welfare


They said a smile is contagious, he proved it. #Edhi
While growing up I was first introduced to the name Edhi when my parents used to donate clothing and other goods to the Edhi Foundation located near Sohrab Goth.

I still remember how on most Eid ul Azha, despite local political pressure, my father always used to gather the animal skin, dump that in the back of car, drive all the way and donate it to Edhi Centre, sometimes with cash donations as well.

Hustle bustle, life went by. We used to pass by from Edhi Centre Sohrab Goth a lot, while living in a nearby area. Mom always gathered clothing, piled it up and used to say; ‘yeh Edhi centre main dein gey’.

His name was such household. In late 90s, one day I was skimming through the Sunday Magazine of Jang, when I read Edhi Sahab’s interview. What…

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