#ConfidenceKaGame – Sunday Made a fun by CloseUp

Sundays could be pretty lazy sometimes, as in you don’t really know what to do with them. Some sleep in the whole day, some cook, some actually make picnic plans with family…I just sulk :p
Thanks to CloseUp Pakistan, this Sunday turned out to be fun and well spent. A few days earlier,  a tcs mail arrived through my door, with some fancy goodies, containing a USB, close up product, Lals chocolates, a mug, along with 2 movie tickets to Now You See Me 2 and free pick & drop by #careempak. ..wohoo  (moment of exaltation)
The idea was to give a bunch of bloggers an experience of a day with ease and close up confidence and enjoy the evening either with your special someome or friends or family. And ofcourse, to live tweet the event with the hashtag, #ConfidenceKaGame because close up is all about giving you the confidence to smile brightly and get close
I decided to take my friend along since I had two tickets, hopped into our pre booked careem, which btw is quite an apt car pick & drop service and off we went to the cinema to enjoy the movie.
Thanks to the brand for choosing such a great flick. For all those who liked NYSM 1 would certainly love part 2 as well. Very well laid out plot and gripping storyline, although we didn’t have popcorn and drinks to entertain us during the movie (due to Ramazan)
After the movie ended and when we were done clicking some photos, we waited for iftar,  rather it waited for us lol. We had iftar meal vouchers from McDonald’s worth rupees 1000 each which we availed heartily.
In some time, our careem came to pick us up and drop back home and the evening came to a happens end. Thanks to CloseUp team for making me see the other side of a Sunday 😀


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