Kitchen Time #MadeEasy by National Foods 

After a long hectic day of work, endless meetings, detailed phone calls, devising creative strategies and what not; she will now go home and have to think on what what to cook for dinner… sounds easy?

Well no it isn’t! My mother finds this the toughest decision – to think of what to cook for the coming meal time. Imagine the working women who despite all external work, still have this duty on their shoulders at large; trust me it’s not easy because it’s not that you can just prepare anything and it will please everyone’s taste buds. It’s got to be something new, creative looking, delicious and not boring at all – sounds like a brands creative idea to me! It’s equally tough to be honest.

Ready made foods could be of help but they still take time. Now if you’re super hungry and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, while your tummy grumbles, what do you do?

Yes, you log onto which has uber creative, quick fusion recipes, where where you can smartly use some of your refrigerated stuff instead to prepare something new. This recipe portal is by National Foods and they have a hoard of recipes for those looking for easy meals. All you need is the recipe packet, a few other ingredients and lots of hunger with passion!

They launched this website just before Ramadan, where Chef Saadat, brand ambassador for National Foods, prepared few dishes live for the audience, which included Masala Dossa, Custard Waffle and Mint lemonade with National Fruitily. The Dossa was made with already cooked alu bhaji in fresh rice crepe and it tasted great – The mint lemonade was super sour but refreshing. The cooking and serving didn’t take much time at all since that’s what #MadeEasy promises. As an after activity, some food bloggers were asked to engage in a weekly campaign where they were to try out a new recipe everyday from the website and give it a twist if needed, then share the recipe on their respective blogs. I must say, some of them did a great job in terms of presentation, experiments and effort. I had been following the trend on instagram and Twitter for updates and oh the food shots were brilliant. It really urged me to try out something for myself but I couldn’t get the time to do so during Ramadan. But some of the recipes like cheese balls and nachos are really tempting me to enter the kitchen soon.

I’ll let you virtually hog at the food shots, you never know you might be urged to make a quick meal for yourself too

Aren’t these tempting? Not just that but they are easy to make and have delicious enough names to entice you right away! I’m planning to make Tawa chicken soon, let’s see how soon is that 😀

Meanwhile you  do give a try to to the website,  which is pretty decently designed and neatly lays out all the recipes with mouth watering snap shots (Well that’s the trick you see :p ) and let me know how your experience with National #MadeEasy has been in the comments below 🙂

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