#TweetAMeal – Digital Meal Donation Campaign by Telenor Pakistan

Continuing their successful campaign from last year, Telenor Pakistan has restarted their campaign #TweetAMeal this Ramadan too, that aims to eradicate hunger as much as possible via digital help and word of mouth. This activity is about sharing photos of your meals for Sehr & Iftar and engage as many users as possible in tweeting pictures of their meals at these times; each tweet made will be equal to a meal donated to under privileged hungry kids. Hence, number of meal distributions depends highly on the tweets shared under the hashtag. They are planning to make the food distribution in Thar or related areas after Eid.
Some of us might think, ‘Oh what a waste of an effort’ or ‘Oh another way to keep a hashtag trending’ but hey! think about the outcome… a poor child can be fed just by you tweeting your meal with the hashtag and telling others around you to do the same.
After all, don’t we all make our meals wait for instagram or snapchat? Why not do it for a cause this time, yeah?
I’m already a part of this activity and hope to be a part of the distribution round too if they take volunteers along for this generous piece of work.

Look at how some awesome twitter ati share playing their part in this


Spread the Word. Tweet Your Meals. Feed the Hungry


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