#TryBeatingMeLightly – A Portrait series of Pakistani Women reacting to Women Protection Bill presented by #CII [Council of Islamic Ideology]. Where they proposed quite a number of bogus points regarding women and the most imbecile one being; husbands should be allowed to ‘lightly beat’ their defying wives.

What if the wife beats up the husband for the same reason of suspicion? Would she be accountable for that act to God? I think women can get more chances of beating up their husbands especially the sheep hidden behind beards .

People dont want to understand it from cultural point of view . My line of thinking for Religionis always come back to the point of accountability on the day of judgement, how Allah make you accountable.One’s light beat could be a severe harshness to other, this is perplexing .Hopefully people may have some more insight on it on the subjectivity of…

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