#KarnivalOnWheels takes the Streets by Storm

In the present war zone of brands fight

In the present war zone of brands fighting to prove their uniqueness and claim maximum recall power, each one comes up with a new way of attracting it’s audience and leave a mark for them to remember. Kurkure, the krunchy snack brand came up with this unique idea of having a city to city carnival on wheels.. sounds fun? Similar thoughts here …. but too bad I never got a chance to actually be a part of it personally as by the time it travelled its way down to Karachi, I’d already missed it 😦

It was unique in its own way because of its setup, its activities and agenda. They had setup various types of activities which were
* Krunch challenge – where you had a decibel meter seeking whoever eats Kurkure the loudest!  So munch munch with a krunch as loudly as you could to win a prize… cool eh? Atleast nobody would pinpoint at you for eating your munchies loudly for a while :p

* Flavour Challenge – where the participants were blindfolded and they had to taste & guess the flavour they were eating.. well only a true Kurkure fan could guess that one 😉

* Kurkure Bites Challenge – fastest one to finish the bag! So all the hoggers would have certainly enjoyed this one

These fun filled activities kept the audience alive and coming wherever they went. They managed to cover 10 cities in all including major ones like Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, KHI being the last spot, after which they plan to finally conclude their ongoing Kurkure campaign, #KarnivalOnWheels

Although I couldn’t personally be a part of it, but I managed to catch it’s glimpses on social media where it gathered quite a lot of traction.


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