#HuntAndWin with Mountain Dew

Recently I had posted an article about #CopterHunting being real. Well it is still for real but the hunt was a little different in yesterday’s campaign. Mountain Dew #HuntandWin activity took place in Lahore and Karachi on the 24th of April, where little copters holding mountain dew flags were up and about in two location in Karachi (Boat basin & harbour front) and in Lahore ( Liberty market). People who spotted them had to take a click and send in their entries on Mountain dew event post for a chance to win an iPhone and ten iPod shuffles. Rest of the entries would receive a t shirt from them. A check in at the designated locations of copter hunting would earn you a free bottle of dew, from the dispensers places at the spot, perfectly chilled for this weather. I personally couldn’t visit the stations but got all the live feed and coverage from Twitter where the event was trending under #HuntandWin & #CopterHunting.

IN My Koi Ion It wo
Here are few tweets from friends..



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