Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

A few days ago, I received an email regarding the ongoing heat wave and tips to protect yourself and others from it in case of a stroke. Here is what I received:

If you suspect someone has heat exhaustion, follow the advice outlined below.

Get them to rest in a cool place – ideally a room with air conditioning or, if this is not possible, somewhere in the shade.increase ventilation by opening windows or using a fanGet them to drink fluids – this should be water or a rehydration drink, such as a sports drink; they should stop taking fluid on board once their symptoms have significantly decreased (usually within 2-3 hours).gently massage their skin to encourage circulationgive them water to drink (if they are conscious), but do not give them medication, such as aspirin or paracetamolUse cool water (not cold) on their skin – if available, use a cool shower or bath to cool them down, otherwise apply a cool, wet flannel or facecloth to their skin.Loosen clothing and ensure the person gets plenty of ventilation.if they are unconscious and vomiting, move them into the recovery position by turning them on their side and ensuring their airways are clear


Besides this, I feel we could take some personal preventive measures to avoid such a stroke before it happens, it’s advisable to

*stay indoors as much as possible

*cover your head when stepping outside

*keeping wet towels or wrapping your head with a cold towel when working outside

*keep yourself hydrated at all times (also keep ors)

*wearing light airy clothes and not tight ones




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