Lays has its #GameReady with Engaging Activities

Lays did it big this time! Starting a few months ago from a star studded tvc with Messi and Wasim Akram launching the Yogurt & Herb flavour, where they also gave out an amazing message to throw the trash where it belongs and keep Pakistan #CleanAndGreen to an outstanding #PlantAPack plantation activity that took place in various universities all over the country, to showcasing the Choir of the Champions anthem for #UEFA football league,to lighting up street roundabouts in Karachi with vibrant and gigantic activations, to university screeni and what not …Lays has done it all! not to forget their superb UEFA promotional #GameReady campaign of texting the code on lays pack to 9005 to win a trip to Milan and other surprises was way too cool!
This time around lays went big on engaging with its consumers and inviting them to participate with their favourite brand in and hoard of activities, this was and smart way to interact with them continuously for a long period and also gave them something new to enjoy every now and then.
Recently the UEFA champions League screening took place at LUMS organized by the brand which was set up beautifully and usually we don’t have live screenings for football matches but I guess the momentum is picking up, which is definitely great news for all the football fans out there. Semis will begin in the last week of April and the final is to take place on the 28th of May so yes guys you still have a chance to grab those promotional lays packets from your nearby stores and send your secret code to 9005 and win a trip to Milan to watch it live!

Live UEFA screening of quarter final leg 2 at LUMS
Lays vibrant roundabout installation
Lays #PlantAPack activity with Messi & Wasim Akram
Lays promotional pack to win a trip to Milan 


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