Jab Tak Truck Chalega… Shell Celebrates Truckers & Farmers Across Pakistan

Truckers and farmers endure a challenging working environment, each with his own dream to finish his job meticulously in their trucks or tractors so they can reach their #RealDestinations which is their home sweet home.

Shell Rimula, a premium heavy duty engine oil, launched a new campaign called Real Destinations. The campaign looks at the life of truck drivers and farmers of Pakistan, their dreams and aspirations and emphasizes on the hard work they put in every single day to accomplish them.

Their income relies upon smooth execution of tasks; of transporting goods from one place to another or farming via Tractors and their biggest support are their vehicles, that are constantly under the friction in their non stop work. For such cases, a strong high performance engine is needed that makes the journey smooth regardless of the weather conditions and Shell Rimula promises then with premium oils that ensure such engine protection against the daily wear and tear.
This time, the brand has touched the emotional aspect of the segment, understanding the needs of the people who require good quality engine oils to earn a continuous livelihood. The smoother and faster they get to finish their tasks without any breakdown on the roads, the sooner they can spend quality time at their #RealDestinations which is their family.

The global campaign of Real Destinations has been localized and developed specially for this purpose. A television commercial is also produced to run in Pakistan by one of the most talented filmmakers of the country, Jamshed Mehmood (JAMI)

The launch of the TVC took place at the Sadequain Art Gallery at Frere Hall.
The Real Destinations campaign is currently running in 17 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, including Pakistan..

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