Highlighting Social Issues & Life of a Musician – #Udaari

Udaari, a new a Hum TV serial, that aired with its first episode on the 10th of April, talks of social vices in a (what people would say) bold manner ..but I think it’s not bold it’s necessary.  The story is about a various issues being brought to the front, of which one is looking upon music related families as a social stigma and other is child sexual abuse.

Yes, these topics are necessary to talk about in the open because these are basic issues happening around us everyday and we are unable to control it because we feel they are highly embarrassing and should be shoved under the carpet. We don’t let our children talk of such adult matters because we fear someone might hear us and judge us. We are doing it completely wrong!
Often the most trusted relatives and friends are the ones who end up commuting such heinous acts of child sexual abuse and as elders, it is our duty to enable our children with the confidence to talk to us over such matters and god forbid, not keep undergoing the assault quietly out of shame of what will the parents say.
On the other hand, musicians… they are a respectable community and carry a gifted talent with them and exude it for the world’s entertainment to make some money and we as ‘civilized society’ bash then and belittle them and their profession. Agreed, there are bad fish in every pond, but you can’t stereotype the whole lot for one individuals act.

The drama cast is quite powerful including Bushra Ansari, Ahsan Khan, Farhan Saeed, Mawra Hoccane, Samiya Mumtaz, Behroz Sabzwari and lot more. Directed by Ehtisham and produced by Momina Duraid, I seriously have good hopes for this series.
Bushra Ansari and Mawra come from a musicians family and are looked down upon by their fellow villagers and residents.. and they are seen defending their profession and dignity through their heart touching music and poetry.

Ahsan Khan, I must say, has played one of the most courageous roles, as he is the villain, the perpetrator who commits child sexual abuse. Obviously he was hesitant to play this character since the audience sometimes takes the enactment too literally but what motivated him to take up this role was a personal incident he witnessed in his house with his house maids daughter, and he decided to adopt the role and tell families out there how your very own, innocent looking family members and friends could be bringing this wrath upon your children and you wouldn’t ever suspect them.

I believe such issues need to be shed light upon instead of being treated as “that you mustn’t talk about” – embarrassment isn’t discussing these matters and forewarning your children, embarrassment is when it actually happens and the whole world knows and you are standing there dumbfounded about being completely ignorant of the issue.

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