Ki & Ka – To See or Not To See

How many of us still find it odd if a man is feeding a baby in public while his woman runs her errands or if he finishes home chores in free time?  Well most of would still find it odd I bet you! Such is our society, such is how we have been trained to think.. gender equality is a hot topic to discuss but still a large number of people are ashamed of its implementation in their lives.

The latest Bollywood flick, “Ki & Ka” premiered March 31st, was a delight to watch in this regard. Ki & Ka, which surely has a confusing title and doesn’t give out much about its type from its name, is a story of contemporary times and revolves around a couple who interchange the typical gender roles practiced by couples since decades.

Story Line

The theme as discussed is merely about eradicating the stereotype that women are the sole caretakers of a home whereas men for earning bread and butter. Instead,  women can often be really good on professional front and men can be amazing at home making. As depicted in the film, the couple is formed because Kia (Kareena) doesn’t want house responsibilities and is highly career oriented with with a grand vision, whereas Kabir (Arjun) who is the son of a rich estate builder isn’t interested to work a 9 to 5 job and alternatively enjoys taking care of the house just like his mother did.

This sort of impractical relation isn’t that difficult at all, just that it defies the norms and people find it hard to swallow. With the roles reversed, the whip of authority also goes in the other persons hand, but the message here is not to exercise authority just because one is bringing home the money and other isn’t. It’s about mutual respect regardless of the roles, allowing each other to prosper their way without obstruction and sharing the responsibilities amidst one another equally.

Personal Opinion

I’m a huge supporter of this thought hence I found the concept of the movie brilliant and actually unique from what the Indian cinema has been producing lately. We need to create thought provoking movies with powerful messages that can alter the stereotypical way of thinking in our society.

The movie, in a nutshell was a good watch with a nice story line and entertaining songs, however the flow of the movie was a bit off, it ran way too slow in the start and too fast by the end. Seemed like there were abrupt shifts in the scenes which made the continuity of the movie a little disturbing. A few dialogues here and there were un necessary and few reactions in the scenes were a bit dragged too.
The chemistry between Kareena & Arjun was mind blowing and it seemed like every scene just landed on showing how sizzling it was with bombardment of their lip locks every now and then, which nobody minded of course since they looked super hot together. Kareena has probably pulled off her most stunning looks in this one, her grace and beauty seem to be getting better and better with age. Arjun on the other hand is a heart throb and purely sexy! Though he is a young actor, they fit together perfectly.

For those of you who still follow the old fashioned ideology of male superiority in the house, would only watch it for the sexy movie posters of couple chemistry and music. Whereas those with a different thinking pattern would adore the concept and watch it with zest.

Ki & Ka premiered in Karachi on March 31st, at Nueplex Cinemas, sponsored by #CloseUp.
Here are a few clicks from the premiere  and a trailer of the movie for you to enjoy


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