Lays & UEFA Champions League, Together Bring Some Fun

Lays has been associating it’s name with some fun activities lately; one such current activity creating a huge hype on social media is its association with UEFA football championship.
UEFA represents the national football associations of Europe, runs nation and club competitions, controls the prize money, regulations, and media rights to those competitions

Lays strong promotion of the game included ground installations, promotional offers of lucky draws, producing a game specific anthem and what not

Here, they have set up a round about installation at Clifton near Palm Marquee, which looks bright and beaming and grabs instant attention with its fluorescent blue spotlights. It depicts the UEFA football ground with Messi ‘ s cutout , since he is also a brand ambassador for Lays global.  Take a look at it yourself


Besides this,  there is also a click and win contest going on regarding this. If you visit the area and click a photo and send in your entries to Lays  (details on Facebook page) you could win tickets to Milan to watch the final match.

Also, Lays promotional offer of finding the code in lays chips and sending it to 9005 to win tickets to Milan for viewing the UEFA final has been doing really well. If you visit their page, a number of people have won tickets and other prizes and I guess the winners list is still being updated, that means there’s still a chance for you too. I took my chances and participated as well 🙂


Football, to be honest is not really my thing, but yes going to Milan definitely is! 😀 even if it’s to watch a football match …

You can also follow up with the campaign updates and latest news by following the hashtags #TasteTheGlory #GameReady #UEFA on Twitter

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