#CopterHunting is for Real!

Mountain Dew has always been a pioneer is introducing and sponsoring adventure sports here in Pakistan. Be it mountain bike show, amazing road trips featuring Moin Khan, awesome TVC’s full of adrenaline or bringing out a sport such as COPTER HUNTING

Yes copter hunting is a new sensation in town, displayed on TV for the first time via their ad. One would instantly think of it as a desi version of Quidditch, except that here we have bikes instead of brooms. What are we catching?
It’s a little copter that flies out of a chest box with the help of a remote control and bikers have to catch it with with a net. This sport is for real but hasn’t yet properly begun. Brand says they will be giving out more details about personally enjoying the sport soon.

Meanwhile, you see the tvc here for an idea how much fun this new sport is:


Talk about this sport and tvc took a roar of social media on the day it was launched, since everyone was curious about it

https://twitter.com/SadiyaAzhar/status/711595120827744258 https://twitter.com/snobers/status/711589497625059328

For twitter updates on this, you can follow hashtags #CopterHunting & #MakeItExist

Let’s hope they reveal about the sport soon and I’ll definitely be the first one to try out! ๐Ÿ˜€

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