Why Should She? [Episode 1]

Why should a woman be okay with the idea of displaying herself to the possible suitors and their families without her consent just to make her family happy? Why cannot she just get up and leave the room if she doesn’t find the potential groom pleasing enough? Instead she keeps sitting, smiling at every bizarre question thrown at her because she alone has all the responsibility of her entire family’s izzat whereas what she feels within carries no meaning. If she dares ask a question from the groom, she would probably be dug deep with glaring looks and stunned expression as if she has committed a huge crime, oh because how could she forget? She has absolutely no rights to do so. What I don’t get it is why don’t mothers stop this ritual and set their daughters free of this painful ritual even though they have been through something similar, yes it’s painful, you have absolutely no idea, how it disgusting it feels when you’re observed like a purchasable product by absolute strangers and more when you’re rejected by worthless hungry-for-options men.
In such cases, conservative families don’t even mind a bit letting strangers gape at their daughters from head to toe, who, on any other day, would treat this act as sinful and worth a scold. I call these people highly contradictory and deceitful because they aren’t true to their own beliefs and can never be to anyone else’s either.

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