CAREEM Celebrates #PakistanDay

CAREEM has become the latest sensation in booking reliable & secure chauffeur driven cars via app or call and is getting quite popular among the young crowd most of whom have given a positive feedback of their service. Headquartered in Dubai, they have their networks in 25 global cities globally. The app however, was developed in Pakistan.

This #PakistanDay Careem conducted a scavenger hunt for public of Karachi and Lahore in celebration. Themed around photography of local cultural & historic sites, the hunt saw participants, based on clues provided, racing to various locations of their respective city by utilizing CAREEM’s services.
Scavenger hunt was planned to not only celebrate this historic day, but also to inculcate in today’s youth the need to be in touch with our roots. For this reason, historic and culturally rich sites were chosen for this competition, while the aspect of uploading photographs of each site to social media allowed promotion of these locations across the world.

The monuments for the competition, as decided upon by the management, were the Quaid-e-Azam Library, Lahore Fort, Azadi Bridge, Lahore Museum and Fortress Stadium in Lahore and Pakistan Air Force Museum, Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hindu Gymkhana, Jehangir Kothari Parade and Karachi Goan Association in Karachi.

36 participants from Lahore and 27 from Karachi were chosen to take part in this unique scavenger hunt through a prior registration process. Beginning at 11 am, the participants, along with their loved ones, went about their respective cities to take a picture of each location, upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #CAREEMPAK #PakHunt #(teamname) as hashtags before moving on to the next.
Team Markhor from Karachi and Team KalaJadu from Lahore, the winners of the competition, were able to upload pictures of all the locations by 3:00PM on Wednesday, the competition’s deadline. The hunt concluded with a closing ceremony at both cities, where winners and runners-up were handed prizes by CAREEM’s Management.

The beauty of this activity is how Careem thought of promoting the historical builts of this city and letting the online audience know of our rich culture and environment through a unique way where they were able to demonstrate their services as well.



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