Time Saved = Life saved #MarhamBano

Most of us, when we fall mildly or severely sick, tend to first resort to home remedies, learnings from precedents or call up a family doctor and ask for a quick cure over the phone because falling ill regularly is considered common in this part of the world. However, at times, this reckless behaviour tends to aggravate certain initially appearing common sicknesses into something fearsome and the individual and his family starts running to their nearby doctors, some of who are able to guage the issue and treat it while the rest just make it worse. This limited time and hurriedness gives the family no time to think clearly or ask for expert opinion from someone who could guide them well eventually leaving them with very few options. Even when it comes to rare diseases that need specialized care and treatment, people are usually unaware of who to go to and end up listening to advice given by their friends and families which is helpful in cases and others it’s not. Not exactly people’s fault here, since we haven’t been used to the idea of a proper health care guide and system from the start.

Looking at such difficult instances rapidly growing among us, Marham stepped up to offer this community service which aims to aid people looking for not just any advice but expert advice and guidance by legit doctors. They are offering an online and app based platform which enlists a large number of doctors of multiple faculties  and specialization, with whom you can directly be in touch to get medical opinion.  Most of us who don’t have any knowledge of dealing with health related matters can now use smartphones and computers to connect with an active group of 12,000 people, of which 5,000 are doctors via their facebook group.

Even you as someone with an experience and knowledge of a great doctor who helped relieve your pain, can recommend and save people from wasting any precious time. Marham focuses on use of technology to help you make quick, informed decisions.
You can also join the Marham Facebook group and share the video that visualizes what it means to be #MarhamBano

Group Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/marham.pk

I personally feel it’s incumbent upon me to spread this word as much as possible, through word of mouth or online media… you never know one of my many friends on social media might just gain from it and I end up getting a lot of dua ‘ s 🙂 so please be a part of this humble cause and let your family and friends know

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