You #GottaLoveExtra – Says #Kurkure

Chips are fun time crime partners and they can never be enough.
Kurkure chips are quite an old product in the market and one of my favorites as I remember having them during my class sessions, mid breaks, or just while watching a movie. I admit, I switched my brand later to something else,  but I have been disappointed with the fact that chip bags have such less quantity that you feel ripped when you even pay just Rs. 20 for it . Chips matter bhaee!

Kurkure’s latest TVC starring Ayesha Omar, talks about the extra chips they are offering in all SKU ‘s with more crunch and better taste than ever. I do believe the TVC could have been made with a story line, some sort of flowing situation or a theme, but I guess the brand just wanted to give out the message clear and crisp just like their chips and get over with it.

I am personally a fan of their Green flavour which is Chutney Chaska for its lemony flavour and you can easily have it with some salsa sauce or simple mayo dip.

They trended their “extra crunch” campaign on twitter with the hashtag #GottaLoveExtra & #Kurkure
Let’s see how many crunch fans are they able to grab by this … good luck Kurkure!!

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