Small Town Woman Makes A Lasting Remark

[Press release] Champa, a non-literate rural women hailing from the conservative minority community living in Mirpurkhas, Sindh was the recipient of the Idol Award at this year’s Ladies Fund Awards.  Champa received her green skills training from Heritage Foundation of Pakistan (HF) in 2014, where she was taught how to build fuel efficient, smokeless, disaster resilient earthen stove-kitchens which are known as Karavan PakoSwiss Chulahs. It is impressive to note that out of a total of 28,000 earthen platform stoves built to this date in and around Mirpurkhas, Champa has been instrumental in the construction of over 50 per cent of them.
The Ladies Fund Awards took place at the Governor House in Karachi. The Ladies Fund’s Idol Award recognizes an individual who has truly transformed their community and the nation. She is an inspiration to other rural women and a role model for self-reliance. We hope that more women will be inspired by Champa and be the reason behind change in their communities, and also that more women like her will be recognised for their valiant efforts of stepping out of the confines of their homes and helping themselves and their communities.


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